• Yo, PokeRob here, and I've been following FusionFall Legacy for a while now and just found out about this wiki. I'd love to help out, but first some things need to be done; First off, it's hard to make pages and etc. if there's no predetermined layout for the pages. Are you guys using the same layout and stuff for characters as the FusionFall wiki is, or what? Also, I think you guys could use a new wordmark. It's kinda bland and the image quality could use some work as well.

    Same with the homepage, which it seems hasn't had any work on it yet. The templates and etc. could use some work to make it look nicer as well.

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    • The Wiki is still in development, so we are working on those things. It hasn't been publicly revealed to the community yet and we would like it to remain that way for now.

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    • If you would like to help out around the Wiki please fill out the followng application and you may be able to join the staff.

      Edit: I have removed the link as we are no longer accepting applications.

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