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Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the Pic of the Day! You better get used to seeing my face, because I'll be hosting this next set! January 1, 2017
You guys are gonna want to see this! They finally got the Heroes Square holograms up and running! January 4, 2017
This monument honors heroes that have gone missing, using lifelike holograms. Maybe one day they'll be found... January 6, 2017
One of the first to go missing, Major Glory's disappearance is perplexing. He was last seen as a guest speaker at Pokey Oaks Junior High. January 9, 2017
Buttercup disappeared before the war even started. She was knocked into the ocean during a fight with Mojo Jojo and hasn't been seen since. January 10, 2017
The strangest of the heroes up here, Supercow went missing after Fuse arrived. Maybe she's handling a crisis as her civilian identity? January 11, 2017
Captain Melonhead, aided by his sidekick Splinter, has earned himself a reputation as the hero of suburbia, always looking out for us kids. January 12, 2017
Monkey is one of the most recent heroes to go missing. Has anyone tried dialing 'M'? January 13, 2017
"The toon shader now has rim lighting! It's hard to pick up on in still images, but you'd be surprised how much it adds overall!" January 16, 2017
Alien invasions are stressful, and sometimes you just gotta relax. Speaking of which, there are a ton of new emotes and poses! Neat, huh? January 18, 2017
Here's a pro tip: If you know what to look for, you'll be able to easily tell what nano type you'll need to bring out when fighting enemies! January 20, 2017
Here's another pro tip: Tall grass makes a great hiding place. You never know what you might find! January 22, 2017
For instance, you might find Swashbuckler Spawns. January 25, 2017
Don't forget that just about every enemy also has a boss version! January 27, 2017
"Hey, everyone! I'm Prince King Morbucks, and I'll be temporarily taking over hosting duty while Allison is... occupied." January 30, 2017
Though he's an adult, Stickybeard has higher priorities than fighting the KND and other children: He has an extreme sweet tooth! February 1, 2017
Here's a quick bonus picture for this week! We're making sure just about every NPC gets at least a slight upgrade for FusionFall Legacy. February 1, 2017
Fuse's twisted version of Stickybeard is terrorizing the aquarium. If you venture inside, you best watch yer stern! February 2, 2017
We're doing something different! Have you ever wanted to design your own FusionFall items? For more details: February 6, 2017
Hey, everyone! Like my new threads? I've gotta clean fusion matter off of my old stuff. Till then, I'm totally rocking a new pair of socks! February 8, 2017
I'm sure you're all asking, "Hey, where's Prince King?" He totally lost a dare, so he's busy getting dressed. Let's go check up on him! February 9, 2017
"Allison, please tell me I can take this off soon..."
"Oh come on, just a few more minutes! You look adorable!"
"...I look stupid."
February 10, 2017
Coming soon! February 12, 2017
Did you hear? You can read about three of Fuse's monsters in our newest devblog! Check it out here: February 16, 2017
We're having a lot of fun creating items based on the designs you guys have submitted! It's never too late to post new suggestions! February 17, 2017
While there were bus stops scattered across the map, there weren't actually any buses in the original. We tried our hand at designing one. February 19, 2017
Here's a small peek at some of the design work that went into crafting Bloo's model. Even the simplest characters require a ton of effort! February 22, 2017
This adorable backpack is one of our favorite player suggested item concepts so far! It's never too late to submit your own ideas! February 24, 2017
You'd be surprised just how much work went into the streets here in Pokey Oaks. This one helps connect the suburbs all the way to downtown! February 27, 2017
After Stickybeard and his crew of candy pirates got their ship stuck in Candy Cove, they pretty much just took over the whole neighborhood. March 1, 2017
This riverbank makes for a good resting place. Just downstream is the candy pirate camp and one of the warp gates into the infected zone. March 6, 2017
Creating Ray Ray was straightforward, but FusionFall didn't have a dog similar to Monroe for us to reference. We like what we wound up with! March 8, 2017
Habitubes were designed for fast vertical and horizontal pedestrian traffic over both short and long distances. Try to stick the landing! March 10, 2017
In general, we've tried to vary the different types of borders each location has instead of just mountains on all sides. March 15, 2017
The gazebo park can be found in the center of the Pokey Oaks neighborhood. You'll be able to find Professor Utonium and Numbuh Five here. March 17, 2017
Saddened by the disappearance of Buttercup, Professor Utonium spends a lot of his time near the statues in Pokey Oaks. March 20, 2017
The interior of the Nuclear Plant is home to multiple fusion lairs. You'll have to fight enemies and do some platforming to reach your goal!. March 22, 2017
Professor Plutonium has converted the Nuclear Plant into a laboratory for the twisted experiments he conducts on his assistant. March 24, 2017
This high tech battle armor was originally developed by Professor Utonium to aid the Powerpuff Girls in battle. Want to take it for a spin? March 26, 2017
While we loved Johnny Test's FusionFall design, we felt the model could use some work. We wound up pretty much remaking it from scratch. March 28, 2017
Check out our "Eddy Makeover", part of our newest development blog. You can read right it here: April 1,2017
The Candy Bandits crawled out of the cargo hold of the Sweet Revenge. They're made of the sweets pillaged by Stickybeard's crew. April 3, 2017
Did you know that the houses in the original game didn't have proper driveways? Don't worry, now they do! April 5, 2017
Fusion Boomer and his pair of pirate henchmen patrol outside Candy Cove's infected zone. April 7, 2017
You'll find key landmarks like the Game Hive, as well as various restaurants and stores in the Pokey Oaks shopping center. April 10, 2017
There are now up to 9 recolors for many costumes, and you're able to toggle certain elements of items for insane levels of customization! April 12, 2017
This may come as quite a shock, but Fusion Feedback is siphoning power from the control center in Offworld Plaza. April 14, 2017
The E.G.G.E.R. (Egg Generating Gizmo Ejects Rewards) was created by the KND to dispense E.G.G.s containing random accessories and items. April 16, 2017
You'll also be able to find E.G.G.s scattered all over the world. Run into them to open them up and get a temporary power-up or some loot! April 19, 2017
Coco, cococo! Coco co coco cococo co coco cocococo coco co, co coco cococo, coco co. Coco! April 21, 2017
You're never too old to enjoy playing on the playground! Just watch out for those nasty Terrafusers trying to coat the place in toxic goop! April 24, 2017
Magno Beetles feed off energy contained in magnetic fields. Unfortunately, the energy field holding up the KND Treehouse is their next meal. April 26, 2017
One of the primary Nano missions will lead you into this mysterious seldom visited section of the graveyard. Spooky, isn't it? April 28, 2017
Whoever is in charge of the Spookas has ordered them to rig these Soulo Shells to blow up the gravestones. ...But, why? May 1, 2017
Speaking of Soulos, you'll find them roaming around the graveyard. It's probably best to just sneak past them if you spook easily. May 3, 2017
Fusion Edd works alongside the other Fusion stationed in the graveyard. What could they possibly gain from digging up old graves? May 5, 2017
Even if they are made out of computer parts, the Caterplugs still give me the creeps. Bugs are gross! May 8, 2017
The KND have set up guard posts to protect key landmarks around Sector V. You'll find operatives like this guy guarding Heroes Square. May 10, 2017
Coop would normally be watching TV, but he's hard at work trying to free his giant robot, Megas, from Fusion goo. That, and the cable's out. May 12, 2017
There are a ton of amazing mothers out there, but there's no denying that Drew Saturday is one of the coolest. May 14, 2017
Ever wanted to be a Saturday? Inspired by Drew herself, this set comes with a Tibetan fire sword for taking down Fuse's minions! May 17, 2017
The KND have started working on some serious upgrades to the Sector V Treehouse. Who knows what cool stuff you'll find up there? May 19, 2017
We're in the middle of making something super special, so we're going to take a brief break from the Pic of the Day! See you in a few weeks! May 23, 2017
Morbucks somehow threw away the drive holding our new video, so I've gotta dig through mountains of trash to find it. I'm gonna kill him! June 25, 2017
The rail crane track makes for a challenging upper route through the junkyard. Watch out for new obstacles like spinning platforms! June 28, 2017
These monsters seem to be made out of a little bit of everything. I hope they didn't turn the drive we're looking for into an appendage! June 30, 2017
This boss monster is an extremely mobile tank built out of miscellaneous scrap glued together with Fusion goo. It's even capable of flight! July 3, 2017
The Megas' Last Stand Infected Zone is home to even more new platforming elements, including moving jump pads in the form of floating tires. July 5, 2017
Good News: We found the drive containing the FusionFall Legacy intro cutscene, and we'll upload it some time later today!

Bad News: HELP!
July 7, 2017
When you're heading into an active volcano, make sure you're prepared. This week we're wrapping things up with a couple exotic locations! July 17, 2017
Season's greetings from the frosty peaks of Mt. Whitehead! Up here, you need to understand the difference between pizza and french fry! July 19, 2017
Believe it or not, the fossils embedded in the rocky cliffs of this canyon seem to be the inspiration for quite a few of Fuse's troops. July 21, 2017
Down time is scarce in the apocalypse, but every moment is appreciated. This week we're going back to the future! July 24, 2017
According to the latest reports, Fusion Buttercup has created a lair for herself in the Mandark Industries infected zone. July 26, 2017
The fight is on! That's it for this set, but when we return we'll have even more awesome pictures! See you all next time! July 28, 2017

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