List of Pics of the Day
Picture Caption Posted
Hero Square contains a monument built to honor the missing heroes. In the final game, this monument will be decorated with holograms. June 2, 2016
Mmm, Burger Frenzy! ...wait, what is that on the menu? June 8, 2016
":..the stench of immortal doom still thickens the air, yes? Or, perhaps it is Wilfred's cabbage evacuations?" June 10, 2016
Summerland residents tend to be the "do it yourself" kind of folks. They're a resourceful bunch, that's for sure! June 13, 2016
...okay, this is a weird one. Someone's been stealing various objects and stuffing them into their garage. ...why? June 14, 2016
The cabins at Camp Kidney have gotten a fresh coat of paint. Jelly Cabin is looking more "fun" this time around! June 17, 2016
We hope you all had a great Father's Day! No one can top a nano of yourself as a Father's day present. Thanks, Dex! June 20, 2016
"Alright, cadet! You think you've got what it takes to be an operative? You'll need to show your skills! Let's go!" June 22, 2016
The skate park isn't an Infected Zone in FFL, but that doesn't mean it's not a gnarly place, brah. June 24, 2016
What a lovely day for a walk in the park. ...if you can ignore the loud metallic banging coming from underground. June 27, 2016
Who would have guessed that the Powerpuff Girls lived just one neighborhood away from the Sector V Treehouse? June 29, 2016
.:: Transmission Lost ::. July 1, 2016
The Fourth of July is everything that Major Glory stands for. We hope you're enjoying American Independence Day! July 4, 2016
Caterplugs are making a mess of the picnic areas around Sector V! We've heard Blossom is interested in helping out. July 6, 2016
A new girl has moved in to the trailer park! She leaves the Kankers alone, since they share a similar goal. July 8, 2016
Special Announcement! For the next two weeks, the Pic of the Day will be focusing on Nowhere in particular! July 11, 2016
Any prehistoric creatures that wander from Forsaken Valley through Devil's Canyon get stuck in the Nowhere tar pits. July 13, 2016
"Area 51.1 is part of a top secret research project to cover up-"
"Don't tell them about the secret stuff!"
July 15, 2016
The Caponata Catacombs extend under the Nowhere Desert. You can venture inside through doors like these. July 18, 2016
One of our photographers got lost on their way to take tomorrow's pic. Is this another military base? July 20, 2016
Alien spacecraft crash into Nowhere frequently. Evidently, there's a UFO magnet located somewhere under the desert. July 20, 2016
General Specific
For our last Nowhere Pic of the Day, it seems a new character has been assigned to Area 51.1! We'll be back Monday! July 22, 2016
Please refrain from throwing trash, coins, or small children into the swirly vortex ripping a hole through time. July 24, 2016
S.A.C.T. has taken over Camp Kidney, which isn't sitting well with the scoutmaster's assistant. What are they up to? July 26, 2016
We may be in the middle of a war, but there's still boring office jobs to do. Being an adult must stink! July 28, 2016
The Seaside district is popular this time of year! Fuse's monsters are totally trashing the place, though. Have fun! August 1, 2016
The mountains outside of Crystaline Caverns are littered with gemstones. What could have scared the miners away? August 3, 2016
Orchid Bay is a transportation hub for sea vessels. The Alpha Whale can be found here, but the driver is missing! August 5, 2016
Acorn Flats was evacuated, so be warned: If you see anyone roasting marshmallows, it's probably a Fusion monster. August 8, 2016
You'll find an old mining town at the base of the Pimpleback Mountains. Rumor has it the mine is haunted. Spooky! August 10, 2016
Since her parents moved downtown, Dee Dee has taken over the house. Lee Lee and Mee Mee helped with the paint job! August 11, 2016
Coming this week: an all new devblog featuring the Powerpuff Girls! We've got sugar, spice, and everything nice! August 14, 2016
Sup peeps? Just ran in 2 Belladonna, newest member of the Gangreen Gang (fav band evr!) She inspired my sick hairdo! August 17, 2016
The Sunken Mall serves as one of the main shopping areas, but we just like to hang out! Who's up for a dance party? August 19, 2016
Believe it or not, in the original game there were no pine trees in Prickly Pines! We've planted some for FFL. August 21, 2016
You'll have to defend this radar dish from Fuse's monsters if you want to help Numbuh Two contact the KND Moonbase. August 23, 2016
Before Fuse invaded, the K.N.D. Training Grounds were used to prepare for battle against evil adult super villains. August 25, 2016
This Squirrel Scout fishing cabin sits on the shores of Leaky Lake. What's up with that fish? August 28, 2016
This skeleton of what used to be a dinosaur is now home to a multitude of gooey fungi and other strange organisms. August 30, 2016
The hustle and bustle of Dexlabs has increased a ton since the time travel experiment was announced. September 1, 2016
Here's a quick rundown of the Fireswamps. Molten Lava? Check. Marshy swampland? Double check. Danger? Triple check! September 4, 2016
Go, Dexter Family Go! ...or not, this robot actually seems pretty stuck. September 6, 2016
Woah, momma! The sand castle has seen better days. It looks like a few of the sand sculptures survived, at least. September 8, 2016
The freight yard in Orchid Bay is a labyrinth of shipping containers. Even we've gotten lost in here a few times! September 11, 2016
The Dexlabs staff (the Dexbots) just finished setting up some new holographic banners in the main hall. Neat! September 13, 2016
School faculty trying to be "hip with the kids" is the worst, and it's no different here at Pokey Oaks Junior High. September 16, 2016
Journal Entry 1: I've arrived here to find the place deserted. The thick fog prevents me from seeing the shoreline. September 18, 2016
Journal Entry 2: Scattered weapons and fallen structures are relics of a battle long forgotten. Some sort of pirate scuffle, perhaps? September 20, 2016
Journal Entry 3: In order to chart out the shape of the island, I've decided to scale the infected lighthouse for a higher vantage point. September 23, 2016
Journal Entry 4: According to my observations, the rock formation off the coast of Orchid Bay appears to resemble some sort of squid. September 26, 2016
Journal Entry 5: Other reports claim that the rock resembles the shape of a skull. That would explain the name "Skull Rock", I suppose. September 28, 2016
Journal Entry 6: Skull Rock can be found north of Bravo Beach. I made my journey on Woosh, but I heard some guy swam all the way here once. September 30, 2016
Dee Dee's organic herb garden lies near the back of her yard. She really could use your help defending it from the Tech Tunnelers! October 3, 2016
They may not look like it, but streets have always been one of the toughest challenges when working on the game. New to FFL: Curved roads! October 5, 2016
The Electrotangler is a supercharged Shocktangler. This guy has got 3 times the voltage, three times the size, and even extra pairs of eyes! October 7, 2016
Looks like no more P.E. for a while, although I'll bet the members of the Secret Snake Club don't mind! October 10, 2016
Before Fuse invaded, an intense battle took place here. The city has since classified ducks as a weapon and removed the boat rentals. October 11, 2016
"There will be a complete breakdown of social order! A war of all against all! Dark times ahead..."
"...aren't you overreacting a bit?"
October 13, 2016
"Welcome to the apocalypse, Numbuh 1337." October 14, 2016
"I get that you want to impress your girlfriend or whatever, but did we have to get here so early? I didn't even get to eat breakfast, man!" October 17, 2016
"...she's NOT my girlfriend! Look, we need to stay focused. So far our only lead has been that gross chalkboard covered in Fusion Matter." October 19, 2016
"Jackie! I see some weird webbed prints up ahead! They look pretty recent. Finally, a lead! Bubbles is gonna be so happy!"
October 21, 2016
"What made these tracks? One of the zoo animals?"
"You mean like a duck or some sort of platypus?"
October 24, 2016
"Oh. So I guess that's what made the tracks."
"...I still have no idea what this thing is."
October 26, 2016
"Whatever it is, it doesn't look like it's related to our case. ...But seriously, is it like a fish or somethin'?"
October 27, 2016
"...but what would we do with a fish?" October 28, 2016
Fusion Grim was just spotted in the woods near the haunted mines. If you're heading out that way, be careful. October 31, 2016
While Dizzy World was never exactly the most high budget theme park, the thrills were off the rails! Of course, we mean that literally. November 2, 2016
These lava lamp inspired hallways are a Mandark Industries staple. I wonder who does the interior decorating around here, anyway? November 4, 2016

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