FusionFall Legacy's Picture of the Day is an event that happens on the FusionFall Universe forums. These pictures are usually updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and showcase a new or pre-existing element in FusionFall Legacy. The photos can also reveal new areas, characters, and Nanos to the public. The pictures are displayed on the FusionFall Legacy official website, as well as on a Twitter account created specifically for these pictures. Below is a list of all pictures currently released.

This list will be updated as more pics of the day are revealed.


  • The holograms in Hero's Square are absent in the first Pic of the Day, which the caption acknowledges.
  • In July 04, 2016's Pic of the Day, Major Glory is missing his cape.
  • Many Pic of the Day images showcase new characters for the first time
  • Just as they reveal characters, Pics of the Day tend to reveal new areas as well.
    • The Nowhere Pic of the Day series revealed several new locations within Nowhere.
    • The October 28, 2016 Pic of the Day revealed the Townsville Aquarium as a new area.
  • November 14, 2016's third Pic of the Day was the first Pic to have a caption expanded beyond what was posted on the Twitter account. Developer Dogon McBanana included an expanded version of Boomer's quote in the thread for that day's pictures.