Originally posted on September 5, 2016
Music Monday

Welcome to Music Mondays! Today, composer Panman14 talks about what went into crafting a brand new music track!

Music Monday with Panman14Edit

Music Monday with Panman14
Help! Mandark Industries has taken over the Legacy Studio Hall! They demanded that I remake the Mandark's House track and feature it in Music Monday #3!

The goal here was to add some tension/depth that I felt the orignal was lacking a bit. The use of small electronics were added so I can try to match and add to the orignal style a bit. I really wanted this song to feel like Mandark from the orignal show, but also add a little sense of duty since he's on the fight against Fuse and all.

I don't know about you, but I'm happy Mandark's catching a break being featured in Music Mondays before Dexter has a chance to surpass him, right? Uh oh! My new boss is coming in. Quick! Click on the link and listen to the music so I don't get fired!

You can take a listen to the new song here!

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