Livin' Like Larry is the first devblog released since the split between ModNet and FusionFall Legacy. It's the Fourth update after the first 2 Music Mondays and the first Model Showcase. The Devblog itself was posted on June 30, 2016 by Dogon McBanana. A link to it can be found here:

and a news article can be found here:
Larry 3000 model and art

Larry's model from the devblog

To summarize, Otto, Buck, and Larry were preparing for a mission, when somethin went wrong and their sattelite is thrown right into the middle of Fuse's invasion. They all are launched in different directions from their escape pods. Lary is able to communicate with Buck (with some help from Coop) who tells them he's stranded somewhere "a dark and dangerous environment." and neither of them know where Otto is.

In this devblog, it is confirmed that Larry will still be in Goat's Junkyard along with Coop, who was originally there. In addition, it is revealed that a mission called Otto-matic Assumptions (Part 1 of 3) you "can expect to help calm down a hysterical Larry 3000 who dreads the idea of Otto stranded and alone on this infested planet." Along with the news that Larry will be remaining with Coop in Goat's Junk Yard, the devblog also confirmed that Larry's Nano is now a primary nano, and it will be obtained "quite a bit later in the game." They prepared a short video showcasing his animations that
Ffl larry

Larry and his nano outside Goat's Junk Yard's infected Zone

can be found here:

In the video, it should be noted that the infected zone walls are now hexagonal in addition to the circular walls that were originally there. In addition, it is very cloudy and raining, which is different than the photo shown on the left. This indicates that there is a possibility that the weather may change.
Devblog larrynano

the Larry nano in several poses

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