While Planet Fusion’s infection has spread all over the world, certain locations have most notably been impacted. These places are called Infected Zones (IZ). Fusion Matter has gone out of control, and has manipulated the gravity of objects in the zone, potentially causing anything not nailed down to start levitating. Fusion Matter covers the ground and dangerous Terrafusers spew out the infection at a nonstop rate, only worsening the situation. Dexlabs and Mandark Industries have contained these areas, using force fields to try to contain the rapid spread of Fusion Matter inside the area until it can be safely removed and cleaned. Players are often tasked with making trips inside these dangerous locations in order to help certain characters with missions. Often times, these harsh conditions make the perfect spawning ground for a Fusion Lair, where deadly lifelike doppelgangers lie in wait. Infected Zones are also candidates for an invasion of Fusion Monsters, but certain zones do not. Infected Zones can range in size, and some can take over entire map squares.

Infected Zones Edit

List of Infected Zones
Icon Name Area
KND Training Area Sector V (The Future)
Pokey Oaks Jr High Pokey Oaks South
Mandark's House Genius Grove
The Sweet Revenge Candy Cove
Delightful Developments Peach Creek Estates
Hookslice Country Club Hookslice Hills
Megas' Last Stand Goat's Junk Yard
Nowhere Triangle Area 51.1