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 Fusions are evil versions of the Cartoon Network characters in FusionFall, with green-tinted skin (caused by the Fusion Matter in their body) and glowing red eyes. They were created by Lord Fuse, Planet Fusion's leader, and modeled after the heroes and villains of FusionFall. They are usually the head of one of Fuse's nasty plans, in which they generally command Fusion Monsters to do their bidding. Defeating them is required if one wishes to acquire a Nano, though not every Fusion creates a Nano .

Like Nanos, Fusions are created by means of special items that are dear to the character they are based on being combined with Fusion Matter

Fusions reside within Fusion Lairs, which are normally a maze structure and Fusion growths within them; these Lairs have Fusion Monsters along the path with the Fusion itself residing at the end of the path. 

List of Fusions

List of FusionsEdit

Icon Name Location/s Series Nano Type
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Belladonna TBA The Powerpuff Girls Blastons
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Ben TBA Ben 10 ???
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Blossom Peach Creek Commons The Powerpuff Girls Cosmix
17495161 1462302127176172 671804795731836928 n
Fusion Boomer Candy Cove The Powerpuff Girls ???
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Bubbles TBA The Powerpuff Girls Adaptium
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Buttercup TBA The Powerpuff Girls Blastons
Fusion Chowder TBA Chowder ???
Fusion Dee Dee TBA Dexter's Laboratory Blastons
Fusion Demongo TBA Samurai Jack Blastons
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Dexter TBA Dexter's Laboratory Adaptium
Halloween fusion
Fusion Dracula Eternal Meadows The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Blastons
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Edd Eternal Meadows Ed, Edd n Eddy Cosmix
Fusion Fall Legacy Devblog Entry 012 Fusion Father New & Old
Fusion Father TBA Codename: Kids Next Door ???
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Feedback Offworld Plaza Ben 10 ???
Fusion Fuzzy TBA The Powerpuff Girls ???
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Grim TBA The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Adaptium
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Gumball TBA The Amazing World of Gumball Adaptium
Fusion Johnny Test TBA Johnny Test ???
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Mandy TBA The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Blastons
Fusion Numbuh Five TBA Codename: Kids Next Door Blastons
Fusion Numbuh Four TBA Codename: Kids Next Door Cosmix
Fusion Numbuh Two TBA Codename: Kids Next Door Adaptium
NPC Placeholder
Professor Plutonium Nuclear Plant The Powerpuff Girls Cosmix
NPC Placeholder
Fusion Samurai Jack TBA Samurai Jack Adaptium
Fusion Stickybeard Townsville Aquarium Codename: Kids Next Door ???

Fusion gallery Edit

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