Current FusionFall Legacy Wiki Administrators
Username FusionFall Universe Username Description Status
Zakary1 Zak Founder of the FusionFall Legacy Wiki Semi-Active
Ekens ekens Founder of the FusionFall Legacy Wiki Active
Przzyfied Przzyfied Game Master Special
ProfessorAustin Professor_Utonium FusionFall Universe Community Team Semi-Active
ThatGuyRay ThatGuyRay FusionFall Universe Community Team Semi-Active
L0rd 0209 L0rd FusionFall Universe Community Team Active
Fusion Aquaabyss FusionAquaabyss FusionFall Wiki Administrator Active


Current FusionFall Legacy Wiki Staff
Username FusionFall Universe Username Status
Gangsterkid89 Gangsterkid89 Semi-Active
Just a Moose StevieB219 Semi-Active
Tannhaeuser Tannhaeuser Active
N/A TopHatMatt Inactive
Ultragustavo25 Ultragustavo25 Active
TheUndeadBrad UndeadBrad Semi-Active
Waystobuild Ways Semi-Active
Xeneon21 Xeneon21 Semi-Active
XPCGamer15 XPCGamer Semi-Active
Youngster JT JT Inactive

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