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FusionFall: Retro is the complete recreation of the original FusionFall game as it was in early 2010. Read on for more information about the game.

NOTE: This page is a work in progress.

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Development Edit

FusionFall: Retro was first revealed in early 2016 as a surprise by the developers of FusionFall: Legacy. At the time, there was much anticipation for the demo of FusionFall: Legacy, which was going to be an extremely small sample of the upcoming revamped version of FusionFall. Once Retro was revealed, the demo was cancelled, and it was announced that Retro would replace the demo. Retro is being developed by a team of three experienced people — Kevman95, womayhem, and Joshsora.

Retro uses the files from the original game, such as monsters, NPCs, and locations, but on a new server. The game will also have an improved anti-cheat system to stop hacks and exploits. Anything that was released past the Birthday Bash will not be included—meaning the Adventures, NPCs, or Nanos (only the original 36 will be included—see below), as well as no Academy or any features introduced as of its creation, such as gliding or dashing.

Nanos Edit

All 36 original Nanos return for FusionFall: Retro. Nanos are achieved by obtaining enough Fusion Matter (FM) and leveling up. Each level grants a different Nano Mission, which needs to be completed in order to obtain the Nano.

These are all of the Nanos available in FusionFall: Retro.

Level Nano obtained
1 Buttercup
2 Numbuh 2
3 Eddy
4 Eduardo
5 Blossom
6 Wilt
7 Dee Dee
8 Numbuh 5
9 Edd
10 Megas XLR
11 Billy
12 Professor Utonium
13 Him
14 Bloo
15 Bubbles
16 Demongo
17 Four Arm
18 Numbuh 1
19 Mojo Jojo
20 Mandark
21 Grim
22 Dexter
23 Vilgax
24 Swampfire
25 Mandy
26 Coco
27 Mac
28 Numbuh 3
29 Hex
30 Juniper Lee
31 Numbuh 4
32 Ed
33 Courage
34 Samurai Jack
35 Aku
36 Humongosaur

Areas Edit


Missions Edit


NPCs Edit


Release Edit

Release date is set to be on August 1.

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