Fusionfall Legacy, being that it is currently in its developmental stages, remains largely a mystery to the general public. Developer's Blogs, better known as Devblogs, threads created by developers of the game about the game itself, often explain to us a new concept or tell us about the progress being made on more fundamental things. Devblogs are not churned out on a specific schedule, and as such, the space between devblogs can be anywhere between a day to three weeks, although the most common span is around a week. Below is a list of already released devblogs, with a small explanation of each following the link.

As more devblogs are released, this page will be updated.

List of Developer's Blogs
Icon Name Release Date
Music Monday
Music Monday #1 June 06, 2016
Model Showcase
Model Showcase #1 June 14, 2016
Music Monday
Music Monday #2 June 27, 2016
Time Squad
Livin' Like Larry June 30, 2016
Model Showcase
Model Showcase #2 July 08, 2016
Model Showcase
Model Showcase #3 July 22, 2016
Brush Devblog Icon
Who's Got The Power? August 20, 2016
Music Monday
Music Monday #3 September 5, 2016
News Image Pumpkin
Halloween Spooktacular! (Part 1) October 24, 2016
Thumb Dracula
Drac is Back! Halloween Spooktacular (Part 2) Edit
October 31, 2016
Music Monday
Music Monday #4 December 5, 2016
FFL Zoocrew
The Zoo Crew! February 14, 2017
Ffl eddynews
The Summer of Eddy!  April 1, 2017
Music Monday
Music Monday #5 July 7, 2017

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