The Mission Cap for preregistered players.

The Demo Character Preregistration was an event that started in September 2015, held before the Legacy demo was supposed to release in October. During preregistration, players could log into or sign up for a FusionFall Legacy account and proceed to create their own character for the demo. Players that preregistered were eligible to receive the exclusive Mission Cap item for their characters both in the demo and full game by using a code.


Character Preregistration included the same features as the original character creator, but offered new options as well; however, some of these options were unavailable at the time.

Preregistration closed on January 4, 2016, due to the cancellation of the demo, but it was said that the Mission Cap would still be given out later upon the release of the full game. When Legacy separated from Modnet in May 2016, however, new user accounts had to be made and therefore the item is unlikely to be given out.

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