Codename: Kids Next Door (or KND) focuses around an organization of children under thirteen years old that uses special technology based on everyday items to battle evil adults who wish to establish a reign of tyranny and deprive kids from any kind of fun or recreational activity. More specifically, the cartoon follows Sector V: the leader Numbuh One, expert pilot and inventor Numbuh Two, diversionary tactics Numbuh Three, hand-to-hand combat master Numbuh Four, and spy Numbuh Five.

Representation in FusionFall Legacy Edit

The extent of the representation of Codename: Kids Next Door in FusionFall Legacy is currently unknown.
Codename: Kids Next Door NPCs
Icon Name Location
Numbuh OneIcon
Numbuh One TBA
Numbuh TwoIcon
Numbuh Two Sector V
Numbuh ThreeIcon
Numbuh Three TBA
Numbuh FourIcon
Numbuh Four TBA
Numbuh FiveIcon
Numbuh Five Pokey Oaks North
Father Hookslice Hills
Stickybeard Candy Cove
Toiletnator TBA

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