Boomer is a member of the Rowdyruff Boy trio, and the male counterpart of Bubbles. He and his brothers (Brick and Butch) were created by Mojo Jojo and later resurrected by Him. Both villains used the boys in an attempt to defeat the Powerpuff Girls. Boomer is often teased and tormented by his brothers, which has evidently caused Boomer to lose almost all self-confidence.


Before fuse invaded, Boomer joined his brothers in creating chaos in Townsville and fighting the Powerpuff Girls, but over time he began wondering why he has to be a villain when he could easily use his powers for good, and why they have to defeat the Powerpuff Girls, he eventually got the idea to try to be good, an idea that his brothers found ridiculous as they enjoyed their chaos. Soon, as his brothers decided to continue committing crimes, Boomer decided that he no longer wanted any part in their antics and chose to stay behind, which they didn't mind.

After the invasion, Boomer tried to convince his brothers to help in the war effort, but they simply laughed at him, and when they realized he was serious they became furious, believing that it's better to destroy than to protect, they disowned their brother and sent him away. All alone, he decided ask advice from Professor Utonium, who suggested asking his daughters for help, Boomer decided to ask Bubbles for help believing her to be the best choice because of their similarities, and despite his doubts and fear, he approached her and asked if she could show him how to be a hero, which after a bit of skepticism she agreed to help. The two decided to investigate the Townsville Zoo in search of the missing animals, but because Bubbles had to work with the Mayor, Boomer needed to find someone to help him, so he recruited Jackie Khones from Fosters to help, and together the three began their search.






  • Boomer was the first of the Rowdyruff Boys to be revealed.
  • Boomer's Nano has freckles and a kick me sign, though Boomer himself does not.
  • Much like the Powerpuff Girls, Boomer was given a redesign for Fusionfall Legacy, he now has fingers, a nose, and ears, features he did not have in the series, as well as additions to his outfit such as a collared black sweatshirt under his shirt.
    • He also seems to have a second outfit slightly based on his appearance in Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • Much like Ace and a few other villains, he seems to have reformed from his villainous ways.

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