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• 9/4/2017


I just wanted to suggest that, particularly since we are just setting up the wiki, we need to be particularly careful not to perpetuate any spelling or other orthographical errors we have become accustomed to.  I have just found out, to my intense humiliation, that I have been misspelling, and indeed, miscorrecting "Dexlabs" as "DexLabs" for a good four years now.
I suggest that, where possible, we try to follow the forms of words used in the original game, unless the Legacy team indicate otherwise.  The reposting of FusionFall in its Retro form should be particularly helpful in this regard.
If a particular game element, such as a character, is being put into Legacy that did not exist in the original game, I suggest that it would be most appropriate to check its spelling against sources as authoritative as possible.  Title cards, model sheets, and scripts from the original show in question have the greatest authority,* followed by promotional materials actually from CN.  Imdb is not quite as authoritative, Wikipedia rather less so, and show wikis that do not base their writing on original sources are hardly at all.  Whatever one does, though, don't make the mistake I made above and try to rely on your memory.  Check everything!
For example, I have recently come across references to "Chris McLain" and "Lil' Arturo."  These are incorrect.  Source material plainly establishes the correct spellings as "Chris McLean" and "Li'l Arturo."  Please try to source your entries, even if you don't feel any doubt.  I know I didn't when I spread "DexLabs" over two different wikis.  DON'T BE THAT TANN!
Let's maintain the highest standards we can for our wiki.

...though even they are not always consistent.  I have been checking, and have found both "Hero Square" and "Hero's Square" in the original game.  Logic would seem to call for either "Heroes Square" or "Heroes' Square"; unfortunately, Grigon seems to have been as sloppy with their grammar as with many other aspects of the game.  Still, it would seem that the first two spellings are the standard ones.
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• 1/24/2017

Make the wiki more Streamline

The old wiki, FusionFall wiki, was very streamline in it's design. One thing that should be created is a character category, it'll just be a page that goes franchise by franchise and letting users see all the characters from that franchise in the game.
Also having the list of franchises would help newcomers also, which I'm starting to create, if that's okay.
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• 9/11/2016


Yo, PokeRob here, and I've been following FusionFall Legacy for a while now and just found out about this wiki. I'd love to help out, but first some things need to be done; First off, it's hard to make pages and etc. if there's no predetermined layout for the pages. Are you guys using the same layout and stuff for characters as the FusionFall wiki is, or what? Also, I think you guys could use a new wordmark. It's kinda bland and the image quality could use some work as well.
Same with the homepage, which it seems hasn't had any work on it yet. The templates and etc. could use some work to make it look nicer as well.
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